Gallery View

Download & Setup

The gallery view core add-on is not a YOOtheme element you will not find a element in YOOtheme. It is 100% dynamic content that uses YOOtheme Multiple itemssource functions to create repeatable images as you would with any other repeatable custom field.

  • Directly after install you can go to any product and you will now see a new area directly under your Full and intro images.

  • Click the big + sign to make your first Image gallery

  • You can select as many images as you'd like and weathc how fast they load.

  • Drag and drop the order. This is how they will show in your dynamic content source.

  • That's it you've made your first Image gallery

  • CommerceLab uses it's own sources for products. They are below YOOtheme's sources in the dynamic content drop down called "CommerceLab Shop" while you might use YOOthemese custom sources for articles activated with custom fields you will need to choose ours for products.

  • Now save & head to your Products page builder page

  • Select any Multiple Item Source element that uses images such as "slideshow"

  • Click into the element and add 1 new item

  • Click into the item you've created and got to the "Advaced" tab under the save button.

  • You will see the dynamic content dropdown, activate it and select CommerceLab Shop "Product Gallery"

  • Now go back to your content area of the item and add the source to your images area. and assign the source.

  • Congratulations yo've made your gallery in seconds!

  • If you have an idea please let us know we'd love to hear it. Mainly the next move will be to integrate it wit the grid & filter add-on.

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