Countries, Zones & Shipping Rates

Setting up Countries & Zone rates for weight based shipping prices

Countries & Country Zones or regions control your shipping rates. The countries you have enabled via your countries tabs will be available to add shipping rates to. There a two types of shipping in CommerceLab Shop Flat Rate or Weight based this section applies to weight based shipping pricing. You can select in a product details if the product is "weight based", "Flat rate" or "No shipping" cost.

  • Navigate to your "Country Shipping Rates" by going to the CommerceLab Shop dashboard then scroll down and activate the settings dropdown where you will see the countries "Country shipping rates". Click that.

  • Here you will see a blank page where you can add your first country. Click "Add Country Shipping Rate" from the right sidebar.

  • Only the countries you have actived through your countries tab will show. here for you to define the rates for this country.

  • Select your wieght to & from range

  • Repeat this for the same country to create different rates based on package weight.

  • Set the cost for this range

  • Add shipping and handeling if applicable.

Zone shipping rates

  • This time Navigate to your "Zone Shipping Rates"

  • Here you will see a blank page where you can add your first country zone shipping rate.

  • Again you can define multiple weights ranges depending on your products.

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