Currency Switcher Module Setup

When you install CommerceLab Shop your currecy swticher module is also installed. let's walk through getting it to display and your styling options:

Make sure you have more than one currency setup in your shop first

The currecnly Switcher module requires your store to be setup to show multiple currecnies. If you have not done this yet please do this first. If you are not using multiple currencies you do not need to configure this module.

  • The currency swticher is a Joomla module that can be placed anywhere on your website or in YOOtheme elements.

  • Your going to want to make sure you havemultiple currencies to use by enabling the ones you need in your currencies settings in CommerceLab Shop.

  • Naviagte to >> Content >> Site Moduules in the main joomla menu.

  • Now that your in modules click into your currency switcher module

Choose how you'd like it to look

  • You have some options depending on you'd like it to looks.

Position it in either "Navbar", "Header", "Toolbar Right", or "toolbar left". These are the primary positions you can put it when using YOOtheme to display above page content. Make sure it is published.

  • Assign the currency Switcher to all pages

  • Save & Close

  • Your currency switcher module will now display on all pages.

  • Play around with the styles and see what looks best on your website.

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