Installing on an existing site or fresh Joomla 4 setup.

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We Recommend you already have YOOtheme installed

Although not necessary for install you will need YOOtheme page builder or a YOOtheme theme installed in order to use the component.

Step 1 - Download CommerceLab Shop

  • Download the CommerceLab Shop Package from you My Downloads area in your members dashboard.

  • You may need to login or create an account on the CommerceLab website.

  • Note: Make sure you have Yootheme Pro installed! Get it here:

Step 2 - Install in Joomla 4

  • Go to the administration area of your Joomla 4 website, and navigate to Extensions >> Manage >> Install and go to the "Install Package File" tab.

Step 3 - Begin Post instal setup wizard

  • The installation should take a few seconds while the file uploads and Joomla installs the CommerceLab Shop Component, modules, and plugins.

  • Once this process is done, you should see a success message.

Installation Notes:

  • CommerceLab Shop requires the INTL PHP extension. This usually comes packages with PHP7+ but may need to be installed by your hosting provider if not already installed. If your having trouble with your install please contact our support team.

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