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Getting your cart setup is simple. Your cart page is Joomla article powered by YOOtheme Page Builder. You can easily setup your cart to look and feel, being 100% customizable however you'd like while still displaying important cart information. It's easiest to setup your cart if you have products in it we advise you to have a least one product ready to test the functions.

Default cart page upon install

When you install CommerceLab Shop your cart page (Joomla article) was created automatically and has some preset styles for you to easily begin editing. These provide some basic settings to get you off the ground.

  • This demo page displays a link to your checkout.

In most cases the only way to see your cart module will be through your cart module but unless you create a direct link in a button element. you'r going to need a direct link to edit the look and feel of this page. If you need to setup your cart module the link is here.

Step 1 - Go to your CommerceLab Shop Dashboard

  • Components >> CommerceLab Shop >> Dashboard

Step 2 - In your CommerceLab Shop sidebar

  • Navigate to Page Builder and click on Cart

  • YOOtheme Page Builder will open up the cart article ready for you to start editing the page. You can now edit this page like any other YOOtheme enabled article.

CommerceLab Shop Cart Elements

First let's walk through the CommerceLab Shop Cart & checkout custom elements. These display your shoppers cart data and allow for you to add some extra functionality pre-checkout.

Cart Items Element

Add this to your cart page to see cart items, adjust quantities or remove items prior to checking out.Element settings

Cart Summary

Show your customer the total price prior to checking out. Any adjustments made in your cart will show. In the case they want to spend a certain amount of money.Element Settings

User Login Form

Allow shoppers to login prior to checkout. You can also use this on your checkout page and anywhere else you'd like on your website.Element Settings

Discount Code

All shoppers to add their discount code prior to checkout allowing them to see the adjusted total of their cart.Element Settings

Styling your cart page

All styling is handled by the YOOtheme page builder style settings so your shop pages will model every style setting you configure.

  • When in YOOtheme Page Builder simply navigate to Page Builder >> Style All your site style settings will be available to make adjustments.

Adding YOOtheme default elements

Any elements from the default YOOtheme library can be used on a cart& checkout pages making all core pages 100% customizable. Have fun building this out to be what ever you'd like. All dynamic content sources can be used just like any other page from your website.

  • You can be used any elements or pro layouts on your cart page.

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